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Ecig Battery Safety

Guidance on the safe use, handling, storage and disposal of Lithium batteries

Battery Safety


It is strongly recommended that before charging and/or using a Lithium battery, you should read and follow this guidance. Failure to do so may result in a fire, leading potentially to personal injury and damage.

Never overtighten the battery when attaching to the charger, this can cause damage and lead to a short.

Never  charge your battery near combustible items such as carpets or curtains and never store in damp or humid conditions.

Do not use an IPhone or any other phone charger adapter, they are too powerful, use only a wall charger intended for your type of battery. Some cheap low cost Wall Chargers and USB chargers can cause damage to a battery resulting in fire and injury. Always use a good quality one purchased from a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Never leave batteries unattended when charging and never leave them on charge overnight. Never charge batteries unattended. When charging Lithium batteries you should always observe and monitor the charging process so that you can react to potential problems that may occur.

If your battery ever shows signs of getting hot, remove it to a safe place outside.If you ever drop your battery on a hard surface it could damage it and cause a short circuit. Check the battery regularly and if it shows signs of getting hot remove it to a safe place.

Never expose lithium batteries to heat, water or alcohol.

Always remove from the charger once charged.

Do not dispose of lithium batteries in your refuse bin.

Our Ego Batteries require a  maximum 500mah wall charger and/or a maximum 500mah USB Charger.