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Viking Ecigs are proud to supply EFest Big batteries & Vape devices for brands including Aspire ce5, Arc 4 40w. The EFest E Cigarette battery charger is available in two versions - Luc V2 and V4. Both are dual battery chargers, capable of recharging up to 2 (V2) and 4 (V4) batteries simultaneously at an intensity of an ampere and a voltage of 5V.

Both versions accommodate universal battery formats including: 26650, 18650, 16650, 18500, 14500, 14430, 18350 and 10440.

The integrated LED display presents information on the status of each battery slot; including the charging current (0.5 or 1 Ampere), the real - time voltage of the battery, and the charging status of the device.


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Viking E-cigs is committed to providing you with the highest quality service, offering fantastic E Cigarette products and Vape E Liquid, plus superb support and after-sales service. We are passionate about the concept of Vape devices and electronic cigarettes and want to provide the best products available, such as Efest and the Aspire Ce5, to help smokers who may be looking for a solution to their habit. We have achieved this by sourcing our products from Manufacturers who meet our precise requirements.

We’re not just an online shop, we’re here to support you so please feel free to call and we’ll provide advice and answers to any questions you may have.


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