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JUSTFOG P16A Kit + Viking Vape 10ml

SOLD OUT JUSTFOG P16A Kit + Viking Vape 10ml

JUSTFOG P16A E Cigarette Kit + Viking Vape E Liquid 10ml

The JUSTFOG P16A kit combines the J-Easy 3 battery with the P16 A clearomiser. Its J-Easy 3 battery is powered by a built-in 900mAh battery for good battery life. It is combined with the 1.9ml P16 A clearomiser to offer a unique Vape experience; in addition to a 1.6 ohm resistor for low e-liquid consumption.


JustFog's J-Easy 3 battery works with a built-in 900mAh battery for optimal use throughout the day.


For added versatility, the Pass-through feature allows you to use your e-cigarette while charging.

The J-Easy 3 offers three adjustment modes (VV / VW / Bypass) and is equipped with a 3-step voltage control that allows you to choose between 3.4V, 3.8V and 4.2V depending on your needs. The setting is made using the button under the LED. The Justfog brand recommends a 4V setting for a better Vape experience.


The J-easy 3 battery has a global protection certificate including protections against overheating and over-voltage.

The LED indicator above the "Fire" button is used to check the battery level of the Justfog P16 A kit. It is white when the battery is charged between 60 and 100%, blue between 20 and 60% and red between 0 and 20%.

To switch off and switch on the kit, press the "Fire" button four times.

JUSTFOG P16 A Clearomiser

The J-Easy 3 Battery incorporates a unique ergonomically designed rubber casing, which houses the JUSTFOG P16 A clearomiser; made of stainless steel and poly-carbonate and has a capacity of 1.9ml.

Its bottom filling system is equipped with a safety device to offer a safer use of the clearomiser.

It is equipped with adjustable airflow located on its base which include ring coils that contain Japanese organic cotton.

JustFog P16A Organic Cotton Coils - E Cigarette Accessories Available Here!

The JUSTFOG P16 A accepts Justfog resistances from 1.2ohm.

Now comes with a FREE micro USB charging cable!


JUSTFOG P16A Product Technical Details:

  • Certified Product:     JUSTFOG
  • Connections:     510
  • Capacity:     1.9ml
  • Filling:     From the bottom
  • Power:     Car and Micro USB Charging Station
  • Drip tip:     Special
  • Battery included:     Yes
  • Air Flow:     Adjustable
  • Drums :     900 mAh
  • Weight:     0.32
  • Height:     12cm
  • Thickness:     1,7cm
  • Compatible Resistance:     JustFog
  • Compatible Ω resistors:    1.2Ω, 1.6Ω
  • Type of Vape:     versatile
  • E-liquid consumption:     Very low
  • Temp Control:     No
  • USB charging:     Optional cable
  • Supplied mains socket:     No
  • Pass-Through:     Yes
  • Cable type:     Micro USB
  • Amperage max power plug:     1A
  • Loading:     AC outlet
  • Screen:     Power and charge

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