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SMOK Products

SMOKtech Vape Accessories and E Cig Accessories

SMOKtech is now widely known as one of the best and most innovative Electronic Cigarette manufacturers in the world which is why we stock their Vape Accessories and E Cig Accessories.

One of the notable features of SMOKtech Vape accessories is that they are simple to use and are perfectly finished to the highest standards. With SMOKtech, you are sure to make a smart purchase of a high-performance system with a competitive price / quality ratio.

Coming soon, the Mechanical Mod, the Bolt, The Telescope  and their Variable Voltage S I D. We have also sourced our 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries and chargers so you know you are getting genuine products.


Viking Ecigs - More Than Just An E-Shop But Here To Support You ~ Call 08445 888 510

Viking E-cigs is committed to providing you with the highest quality service, offering fantastic E cigarette products plus superb support and after-sales service. We are passionate about the concept of Vape devices and electronic cigarettes and want to provide the best products available, such as Efest and the Aspire Ce5, to help smokers who may be looking for a solution to their habit. We have achieved this by sourcing our products from Manufacturers who meet our precise requirements.

For more information on Viking E Cigs' SMOKtech products, click on an individual E Cig Accessories or call 08445 888 510. We’re not just an online shop, we’re here to support you, provide advice and answer any questions you may have.


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