Chubbi Chodez 7000 puff disposable (rechargeable/refillable)

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Chubbi Chodez are a rechargeable, refillable disposable vape. Easy to use and pocket friendly. You can choose any flavour you want. But more importantly, the strength of Nicotine, perfect to quit smoking. Reuse & refill the Chubbi Chodez and get 7000+ Puffs! We have developed a brand-new range of Flavoured Nic Salts called ‘BAR Salts’, made specifically to work with the Chubbi Chodez.

One of the most efficient and eco-friendly disposable vapes on the market.

PLEASE NOTE: The device does not come with a charging cable, a USB type C cable is required for this device.

  • Kit Type: Disposable – Rechargeable and Refillable
  • Average Puffs Per Kit: 7,000
  • Vaping Style Options: MTL
  • Battery: Inbuilt
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: You Choose Your Own Juice
  • Colours: Green, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow
  • Unique Features: Rechargeable Battery & Refillable

Add 1 FREE BAR Salts 10ml bottle in either 10mg or 20mg – 1 x 10ml bottle = 3000 puffs!!! – 22 flavours to choose from.

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