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Intensely Flavoured Range of PG / High VG Liquid UK Brands - Viking Vape E Liquid

Viking Ecigs offers an exciting range of high quality Vape e liquid, exclusively made in the UK. High-quality PG & High VG liquid UK brands including NicShots, DekangTobacco / NicotineFree and a range of GuestVape e liquid.


When trying to discover your favorite Vape e liquid, follow your preferences and dare to vary the flavours according to your tastes and desired Vape experience. Check out the Review section on all products to discover the different opinions left by other valued customers. Furthermore, check out our News & Articles section for product reviews, tips and advice, and Vape industry reports.


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Viking E-cigs is committed to providing you with the highest quality service, offering fantastic products plus superb support and after-sales service. We are passionate about the concept of electronic cigarettes and want to provide the best Vape E Liquid, VapeDevices and E CigAccessories available to help other smokers who may be looking for a solution to their habit. We have achieved this by sourcing our products from Manufacturers who meet our precise requirements.

Which nicotine level to choose?

The dosage to use depends on your nicotine addiction.

  • 18 mg for high dependencies.
  • 12 mg for medium dependencies.
  • 3-6 mg for weak addictions.
  • 0 mg if you are not addicted to nicotine

Viking Ecigs Top Tips:

For optimal flavour retention, keep your Vape E Liquid away from light in a dry place at an ambient temperature. Shake well before use and do not hesitate to air (open cap) your e Liquid a few days before consuming it to get a better result.