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E Cigarette Batteries from Viking Vape

Source of energy essential to the operation of an E cigarette, the battery is a component easy to use but relatively complex in its properties. Since they are directly integrated into the body of the e-cigarette, whether it is a box-shaped electronic cigarette (square format) or a tube (cylindrical format), the type of battery is chosen by the manufacturer in line with the electronic controller inside the Vape devices.

Viking Ecigs stocks a range of the most popular e cigarette batteries and Vape devices for brands including Aspire ce5, JustFog P16A; including Ego T 650mah, 900mah and 1300mah plus larger Ecig batteries from Trustfire and Samsung for E Cigarette Mods.

There are three main battery families in terms of their chemistry : IC / ICR (Lithium-Ion) batteries, IMR (Lithium-Manganese) batteries and LiFe Poe4 (Lithium-Iron) batteries. The most common are IMR batteries. In use, the different chemistries affect the voltage and maximum discharge current (MCD). The other important property of a battery is its capacity. The capacity is designated by the symbol Ah, which means ampere-hour. So the higher the number, the longer the battery will last before charging.

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GS eGo II 2200 mAh Battery..
£11.99 Ex Tax:£9.99
Samsung INR18650-30Q High Drain Batteries 3000 mAh flat top rechargeable battery perfect for Mods.Sold in Packs of 2...
£12.99 Ex Tax:£10.83
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