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Rincoe produce some innovative designs at a great price

All of our hardware is genuine, direct from the manufacturer or certified distributors.

The Rincoe JellyBox mod can fire out a 228W max output with dual 18650 batteries (Not Included). Featuring a transparent PC cover and zinc alloy frame, you can clearly see the internals and battery wraps. The Rincoe JellyBox Box Mod also has 6 LED lights that shine through the device lighting it up!..
Ex Tax:£29.16
The Jellybox Mini Mod By Rincoe is a miniature version of the Jellybox Mod, implementing a single battery layout and smart chipset within a transparent and durable chassis. The Jellybox Mini Mod is made of durable zinc alloy and a high-end PC and the body size is more compact. This contrast of trans..
Ex Tax:£24.99
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