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How To Use And Maintain Your Ecig

How to use and look after your electronic cigarette

Basic maintenance will ensure you get the maximum life out of your electronic cigarette by carrying out some simple measures.

Kanger Products

All Kanger products are refilled from the bottom by unscrewing the base. As the seal is tight on the air pipe the coil head may come loose on removing the base so please check before refilling and especially from new that the coil head is finger tight. Also when refilling there is a tendency with all BCC's for a small amount of eliquid to enter the air pipe. After refilling blow gently through the mouthpiece over a sink or kitchen towell to remove it.

CE4 Kit

Your kit comes with a 650 mah Battery, USB Charger and a CE4 Clearomizer.

Filling your CE4 Clearomizer

Unscrew the mouthpiece from the atomizer being careful not to lose the small ‘o’ ring fitted and carefully fill the clearomizer with E Liquid by holding it to 45° inserting the nozzle down the side and squeezing gently to run the E Liquid down the inside wall. Be careful not to get any in the small pipe visible if you look into the atomizer, if you do simply blow through the top to clear it. Be careful not   to overfill by going beyond the 1.6 ml mark on the plastic body, if you do pour some out. Screw the mouthpiece back on finger-tight only, then screw the battery on to the Clearomizer finger tight and wait for at least 60 seconds for the liquid to soak into the two wicks inside. You are now ready to go. only hold the battery button down whilst you draw on your ecig.Top up your CE4 regularly and never allow it to run dry so ensure there is always at least 5mm of eliquid. Topping up regularly will prolong the life of your coil.

Remember your Battery has a 5 Click on/off safety device which you should use if you have small children about or travel abroad, press the button quickly 5 times to turn on or off.To charge simply screw the battery onto the USB lead, but  do notovertighten then either use a Wall Mains Adapter or plug into a USB Port on a Personal Computer. Whilst charging, the USB lead shows a red light which will turn green when the battery is charged. remove the battery immediately. The battery has a safety device which prevents overchargingbut never leave a charged battery on when the light turns green. Please refer to our  website for more advice and read our Battery Safety Section. Remember never clean your battery with alcohol or water always use dry cloth or paper towell.
Any problems please telephone our helpline between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.    08445 888 510                    

Vivi Nova V3 and V4

Both these models are designed to allow the replacement of the wicks. The procedure is the same, simply unscrew the bottom part and unscrew the small wick assembly then replace with a new one To fill remove the top part. The V3 bottom part is sometimes difficult to remove as it gets tightened during use. Carefully pour very hot water onto the plastic tank which will cause it to expand, grab it with a tea towell and unscrew. The wicks can be soaked in vodka or even boiling water and then dried thoroughly.

Boge  F16

The Boge F16 requires a little patience to prime. Remove the silver tube from the tank and slowly drip e liquid onto the absorbant material you can see at the open end (top). You need to do this until eliquid runs out of the two small holes in the atomizer. There are several other means of doing this that you can find on Youtube. You need to do this properly otherwise you will burn the atomizer.

510 T

Priming a new atomizer

Whenever using an EGO 510 T for the first time, remove the mouthpiece also called the cartridge and fill with eliquid leaving a gap of about 1mm at the top. Insert the full cartridge into the atomizer and blow and suck a few times,  this will allow some e liquid to prime the wick and prevent the wick from burning.

510 Cartridge

When you first get your 510 the cartridges are dry and contain absorbent material, they will take up to 20 drops of e liquid but do this slowly to allow the wadding to absorb the liquid.

The only maintenance required on the 510 model is to  remove the cartridge and drop some vodka onto the coil and blow through gently and wipe with kitchen towel. Prior to reusing drop a couple of drops of eliquid onto the coil. Do this weekly.


Please read our Battery Safety section, Lithium batteries can explode and cause fires if not handled correctly.

All of our batteries supplied have a cut out when fully charged and during the charging process  the red light will come and go green when charged, this is the time to remove it.  Do not leave batteries on for longer than necessary and dispose of batteries responsibly in a recycle bin which you can find in many shops and supermarkets if your local authority does not accept them.

Our Ego t Batteries are supplied with a 5 Click  On/Off facility. When not using your e-cig especially if carrying in a pocket turn off to prevent accidental use.

The most common cause of an electronic cigarettes performance dipping is not cleaning the battery terminal which joins the atomizer. Small amounts of E-Liquid will form on the battery terminal so regularly clean with a cotton bud or kitchen towel.

Never leave a battery on charge unattended and if it gets hot during charging replace. Never store batteries in Hold Luggage when travelling by air, always take in hand luggage in a switched off condition unless the operator of the airline allows use of ecigs.


It is good practise to sterilise your plastic cartridges weekly using a proprietary sterilising solution used for sterilising baby bottles for at least 15 minutes  in a solution of 1.5ml to 250ml of water. Cartridges will retain some of the flavour from strong E-Liquid flavours so leave for at least an hour in the above solution which should remove this.