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Presenting the Vapengin Mercury Disposable Vape

A remarkably compact, ready-to-use vape device tailored perfectly for novices. Brimming with convenience, this device arrives preloaded with 2ml of nicotine salts at 20mg (2%) concentration, boasting an impressive capacity of up to 600 draws per unit. Immerse yourself in a selection of 22 delectable options spanning fruits, sodas, and menthol flavors.

Brief description:

An uncomplicated vaping solution, the Vapengin Mercury Disposable employs inhale activation, allowing you to simply draw on the mouthpiece to ignite the device – a design that eradicates any concerns about intricate buttons. Outfitted with a flavor-enhancing mesh coil, this device delivers an MTL (mouth-to-lung) inhalation akin to smoking, providing an authentic sensation.

How many Puffs?

The Vapengin Mercury features a precharged 500mAh battery, offering an expansive 600 puffs for prolonged vaping enjoyment. The 20mg nicotine salt blend guarantees a silky, gratifying throat hit, rapidly satiating even the most intense cravings.

Designed akin to a matchbox, the Vapengin Mercury exemplifies discreetness, ergonomic comfort, and pocket-friendly portability, making it an exceptional choice for on-the-go vaping.


An Array of 22 Flavors Await:

  • Arctic Blueberry
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Fusion
  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Tangy Blue Raspberry
  • Classic Bubble Gum
  • Cherry Cola Fizz
  • Icy Cherry Delight
  • Sparkling Guava Burst
  • Enchanting Forest Berries
  • Grape Energy
  • Zesty Lemon Lime Fusion
  • Luscious Mango Peach Apricot Medley
  • Sweet Peach Infusion with Mango and Watermelon Undertones
  • Pomegranate Tango with a Hint of Orange
  • Refreshing Icy Red Apple
  • Tangy Medley of Mixed Berries
  • Frosty Strawberry Essence
  • Strawberry Peach Apple Symphony
  • Berry Quartet: Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry
  • Strawberry Watermelon Bliss
  • Triple Mango Fusion
  • Chilled Watermelon Delight

Highlighted Features:

  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Nicotine Salts at 20mg
  • Auto Draw Activation
  • 500mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 600 Draws per Unit
  • 22 Flavor Variants to Explore

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Vapengin Flavours

Blue Razz Lemonade 20mg, Blue Sour Raspberry 20mg, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry 20mg, Blueberry Ice 20mg, Cherry Cola 20mg, Cherry Ice 20mg, Forrest Berries 20mg, Grape Bull 20mg, Irn Bar 20mg, Mango Peach Apricot 20mg, Peach Mango Watermelon 20mg, Pomegranate Orange 20mg, Red Apple Ice 20mg, Sour Mixed Berries 20mg, Strawberry Ice 20mg, Strawberry Peach Apple 20mg, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry 20mg, Strawberry Watermelon 20mg, Triple Mango 20mg, Watermelon Ice 20mg