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Why Switch to E-Cigs?


Tried to stop smoking but just can’t?   
Wish cigarette smoking wasn’t so bad for your health?
Can’t believe how much your smoking habit costs you each month?

Electronic cigarettes are rising in popularity across the globe as smokers recognise the dangers associated with smoking tobacco, not only on their health but on those around them.
A cigarette will produce over 4000 chemicals, many of which are cancer forming. Smokers are a danger to those around them even when not smoking as their clothes are impregnated with these poisonous chemicals. Smokers smell of their habit, have yellow stained teeth, cough a lot and will probably die younger than they should. In the UK alone, cigarette smoking is reported to cause around 80,000 deaths every year.

E-cigs give all the pleasure of smoking, but without the bad bits! They don’t combust, don’t produce tar and are estimated to be 1400 times safer than a cigarette. The Viking team has used electronic cigarettes for some considerable time, as have most of our smoking friends. We have all tried to stop by using proprietary methods and failed time after time. We think electronic cigarettes offer a much safer way to satisfy our addiction to nicotine. Actually, of all the chemicals a traditional cigarette produces, nicotine is one of the safest ones, as it is not carcinogenic and has some benefit in medicinal use, which is why it is used in many nicotine replacement therapy products!

Dr. Michael Siegel (1)
"The majority of smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes report an immediate and dramatic improvement in their health".

Dr .Hilary Jones (2)  appeared on Daybreak on the 12th February 2012 and openly discussed how electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular and are no worse for the user’s health than being addicted to coffee. View the programme by clicking on the link below:

Smokers smoke because they are addicted to nicotine in cigarettes," said Dr. Richard Daines New York State Health Commissioner. "But it is the smoke, not the nicotine, which causes a long list of diseases, including lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and emphysema.

(1) Dr. Michael Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health. He has 25 years of experience in the field of tobacco control. He previously spent two years working at the Office on Smoking and Health at CDC, where he conducted research on second-hand smoke and cigarette advertising. He has published nearly 70 papers related to tobacco. He testified in the landmark Engle lawsuit against the tobacco companies, which resulted in an unprecedented $145 billion verdict against the industry. He teaches social and behavioural sciences, mass communication and public health, and public health advocacy in the Masters of Public Health program.

(2) Dr. Hilary Jones is a General Practitioner in the Basingstoke area of Britain. He is also an independent healthcare advisor and the Health Editor for Daybreak, a British morning television show.

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