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0.18 Ω BP Coil: Optimal for an exceptionally smooth, breezy vape and utmost vapor production. Utilize at 45 – 55 watts. 0.3 Ω Mesh BP Coil: Plentiful, compact flavors and dense clouds of vapor. Utilize at 30 to 40 watts. 0.6 Ω Double Shot Coil: A coil that lasts longer, which uses a twin coil wire for rich flavor. Utilize at 15 – 25 watts. 1 Ω BP Coil: Kanthal coils that are perfect for use with nicotine salts and e-liquids with higher nicotine content. Utilize at 10 to 16 watts.

COMPATIBLE DEVICES Aspire BP coils are compatible with the following:

Aspire BP60 Kit & BP60 Pods Aspire BP80 Kit & BP80 Pods Aspire Onixx Kit (0.6Ω & 1.0Ω only) Aspire Onixx Tank (0.6Ω & 1.0Ω only) Aspire Finixx Pod Tank Aspire Finixx Kit Aspire Tekno Kit Aspire Tekno Pods Aspire Nautilus Prime X BP Pods Aspire Nautilus Prime BP Pods.

Aspire bp coil

FAQS What type of e-liquid can I use with these coils?

The Aspire BP 0.18 Ω and 0.3 Ω coils are best utilized with e-liquids having a VG:PG ratio of 70:30 or higher. The 0.6 Ω BP double shot coil is best used with e-liquids having a VG:PG ratio ranging from 50:50 to 70:30. The 1 Ω BP coil is suitable for use with e-liquids having a VG:PG ratio of approximately 50:50 and also with nicotine salts.

What is the lifespan of coils?

The longevity of coils is influenced by many factors, such as the duration of your puff, the type of e-liquid you use, and the wattage you apply your coil at. Low-resistance coils, which are used at higher wattages, will not last as long as high-resistance coils.

You can extend the life of your coil by priming it before usage, by utilizing e-liquid with appropriate VG:PG ratios, by not exceeding the recommended wattage, and by ensuring your tank is always filled so that the coil never dries out.

Is it possible to clean my coil with rubbing alcohol?

Yes, any clear white spirit can be used to clean your coil.

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