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Source of energy essential to the operation of an E cigarette, the battery is a component easy to use but relatively complex in its properties. Since they are directly integrated into the body of the e-cigarette, whether it is a box-shaped electronic cigarette (square format) or a tube (cylindrical format), the type of battery is chosen by the manufacturer in line with the electronic controller inside the Vape devices.

There are three main battery families in terms of their chemistry : IC / ICR (Lithium-Ion) batteries, IMR (Lithium-Manganese) batteries and LiFe Poe4 (Lithium-Iron) batteries. The most common are IMR batteries. In use, the different chemistries affect the voltage and maximum discharge current (MCD). The other important property of a battery is its capacity. The capacity is designated by the symbol mAh, which means milliampere-hour. So the higher the number, the longer the battery will last before charging.

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