Five Pawns 100ml

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Five Pawns 100ml Flavour's
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Check out the Five Pawns 100ml Shortfill 50/50 E-Liquid collection. Immerse yourself in the realm of top-tier vape juice, meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled fusion of distinctive flavors, meticulously curated to captivate your palate and deliver a seamlessly gratifying vaping encounter.

Five Pawns 100ml Flavours:


Indulge in the velvety essence of a cappuccino-inspired e-liquid, as BLACK FLAG RISEN by Five Pawns harmonizes with the sweetness of flue-cured Virginia tobacco to deliver a robust flavor profile. Enriched with delicate truffle cream and notes of black walnut dusted with mocha, BLACK FLAG RISEN e-liquid from Five Pawns offers a vaping encounter that perfectly amalgamates two exceptional tastes.


Immerse yourself in the world of gourmet vaping with BOWDEN’S MATE, where the luscious texture of semi-sweet chocolate e-liquid entices the senses, catering to the desires of the opulent palate. Elevated by the invigorating embrace of fresh mint, this e-liquid creates an electrifying journey, concluding with a hint of creamy French vanilla. An exhilarating choice for vaping aficionados and an impeccable companion for any dining soirée.


Crafted to perfection, CASTLE LONG by Five Pawns introduces a captivating symphony of flavors, uniting the inviting notes of toasted coconut e-liquid with the nutty undertones of roasted almonds, resulting in a harmonious and mellifluous taste sensation. Infused with the richness of Madagascar and French vanillas, this e-liquid is elegantly adorned with layers of caramelized brown sugar and a delicate whisper of Kentucky bourbon, culminating in an unparalleled vaping odyssey. Indulge yourself and experience the epitome of e-liquid excellence.


Embark on a vaping journey with STRATAGEM, a premium blend that marries the gentle essence of Granny Smith apples, reminiscent of a comforting apple pie, with nuanced hints of caramel-flavored e-liquid. Envision a flaky pastry crust adorned with a dollop of luxurious French vanilla ice cream and a touch of unsweetened whipped cream – Five Pawns’ STRATAGEM e-liquid is a nostalgic ode to the cherished flavors of homemade apple pie, evoking heartwarming memories.


A masterpiece in its own right, GRANDMASTER by Five Pawns introduces a velvety tapestry where the luscious notes of peanut butter interlace seamlessly, merging with the lusciousness of fresh banana cream, and culminating in a cascade of velvety caramel. Immerse yourself in the transcendent symphony of flavors, as GRANDMASTER e-liquid captures the essence of mellow sweetness, elevating your vaping experience to new heights.


Experience the rebirth of Queenside with an EXCEPTIONAL and REFINED flavor profile. Delight in the amplified vibrancy of Blood Orange, the opulence of Bavarian Cream, and the sophistication of French Vanilla. Version 2.0 remains the epitome of meticulously balanced e-liquid artistry. Queenside embodies the quintessential all-day vape, leaving you yearning for an encore.


Step into the realm of vaping perfection with the INNOVATIVE and IMPROVED Symmetry Six. Featuring the succulent notes of sun-kissed strawberries and delicately sweetened sugared rhubarb, this vape blend is harmoniously complemented by the robust presence of wholesome oat grains and the enchanting allure of Graham cracker fragments. Elevating the experience is an intensified velvety vanilla cream that bestows a more opulent and full-bodied taste. Five Pawns’ Symmetry Six e-liquid caters to both fruit aficionados and connoisseurs of delectable desserts, culminating in a symphony of flavors that tantalize the senses.


Shortfill e-liquids, like Five Pawns 100ml Shortfill 50/50 E-Liquid, come in larger bottles filled to 80% capacity, leaving space to add a nicotine shot if desired. This allows you to customize the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to your preference.

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Five Pawns 100ml Flavour's

Black Flag Risen, Bowdens Mate, Castle Long, Gambit, Grandmaster, Queenside, Symmetry Six