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Geek Vape Q pods exhibit full compatibility with the Geek Vape Sonder Q and Geek Vape Wenax Q kits. Boasting a capacious 2ml e-liquid capacity and versatile suitability with an array of vape juices, these pods also integrate built-in coils, thus alleviating the need for messy coil replacements.

Key Attributes:

Geek Vape Q Pods with Refillable Design Designed for MTL (Mouth To Lung) Vaping Coils Integrated Within Convenient Top Fill Mechanism The refillable pods from GeekVape, marked by the Q designation, are fashioned with a top-filling configuration, streamlining the refilling process without necessitating pod detachment from the device. By simply removing the top cap, access to the fill port is effortlessly granted. The Q pods can be employed across various wattage levels contingent on the chosen resistance.

The 0.6 Ohm pod functions optimally within the range of 18-25W, the 0.8 Ohm variant suits the 12-18W spectrum, while the 1.2 Ohm iteration excels between 8-12W. Elevated resistances impart a more confined, akin-to-cigarette inhalation experience, whereas lower resistances result in increased vapor production accompanied by a more relaxed sensation.

For an optimal experience, it is recommended to pair all three pods with 50% VG e-liquids. Both freebase and nicotine salt blends are well-suited for use.

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3 x GeekVape Q Refillable Pods

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